Scorchio 8-bit happy

Happy Scorchio Day! If they are lucky, Scorchios can now transform themselves into an 8-Bit form! 

  • To celebrate Scorchio Day, why not visit the Poems page and read new titles such as 'The Avengers Of The Night' and 'Sir Runell's appearance'?
  • 8 - bit scorchio has fire breathing powers (just press space). If you want to learn more about Scorchios, why not visit the Magical Bookshop? The latest guides should help keep you informed! There is a brand new selection of Scorchio-themed images up for view at the Art Gallery
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  • Cap'n Threelegs is offering free training to Scorchios who visit him on Scorchio Day. The latest Tea Party will probably leave you wanting a refill (No free refills). ;) Join today for exclusive tea-themed NC item prizes! To join the party, you can head to the NC Mall to pick up Invitation Packs. To enhance your game, be sure to pick up a power-up or two. :) Remember -- when in doubt, pinky out!