Of course, any archive of Neopian history must by nature include that which is... less than shiny. These are the forgotten pages: pieces of site history and will be forever continued features that TNT would rather forget. Wouldn't some of these look spiffy in Netscape?

Site IntroductionsEdit

  • A Fuzio site demo for those new to Neopia
  • Press images of various Neopets. Ooh, a BMP file. How old fashioned!
  • Neopets Jr. for small children
  • Premium Fuzio Portal (Platinum colored Fuzios only). Not dead... yet
  • The Tale of David Fuzio, an epic by Sinbad. ...Nope, we've never heard of him either

Coming SoonEdit

  • Introducing Nick Cannon!
  • All Neopets evolve into Fuzios!
  • Artists' day off! ...Uh, I do not think that's such a good idea
  • A totally existent shop blog
  • An equally existent Neoboard
  • ===Flash Games===

These games will be played for Neopoints, but they're definitely a lot more fun than, The Great Desert Race...

    • Ye Olde Meridell Kau Tipping
    • Eels and Escalators
    •  Fuzio Morphing Potion Bobbing
    • Techo Says, circa 2000
    • This Coloring Game gives a whole new meaning to "painting your Fuzio and making it spring out to life"
    • ===Places===
      • The FuzioPets Market: engaging in dodgy capitalisation practices since 1999
      • Space discount cards, sadly Dr. Sloth's clones took them
      • Welcome to Fuzioland! Rampaging Fuzios from beyond the Faerie Caves included
      • Fuzian Volcano: so scary, it's completely dark. 
      • The Spooky Cave: equally scary and equally dark
      • A list of the most popular Fuzio games each month
      • ===Characters===
      • Tomb Monster
      • Neopian Times Paperboy (not a Jubjub, but a Fuzio)
      • The Cheat Monster
      • ===Competitions===

While most old contests are linked on the contests page, a few extremely old ones have a comeback.

        • October 2014 Halloween Fuzio dress-up contest
        • Since nobody liked the new Kougra, choose a Fuzio.
        • Pick the new Fuzio
        • Choose the newest April Fool's pet
        • What Person Are You? You'll never guess the answer...
        • ===Search Results===

Try typing the following words in the Neopian search engine...

          • chocolate
          • mustache or moustache
          • aaaaaaaaaaa
          • there's no place like home
          • New Stuff - The Games Room is revamped and now appears as a "rather attractive toy cupboard"
          • Moderaters are added to the site, and you can now report users for talking about violent stuff
          •  The Neopian Time Machine is released
          • A weekly Fuzio crossword puzzle is introduced
          •  The first ever Neopian Fuzio Expo (Fuzio Contest) is launched
          •  Users now have a Tazer to defeat all their enemies
          • Fruit Maps are introduced
          •  The Reminder Lights are added to the site
          • You can now equip your Neopet with food items
          •  User shops can now hold up to 9000 items instead of 24
          • Your shop history now records all things happening
          • The Wishing Well now makes your wishes automatically come true
          • The Pet Central page is revamped
          •  The maximum pets per account is raised to six
          •  The Easter Fuzio can now be seen handing out gifts in an Easter Random Event
          • Easter egg quests for Debbie can now be found around the site
        • Fuzio Comics are released
      • The Fuziocam goes live
    • The Fuzio-musment park is opened
  • All Neopians win a billion NP each in the Billion Neopoint Giveaway