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The Fuzio is consisted of a ball of fluff with a pair of shoes and gloves floating detached away from their body. Technically, the Fuzio is one of Neopia's prehistoric species, introduced before official records of Neopian events were kept, and it has only the eyes and mouth visible. In fact, it looked distinctly more like an ancestor of the JubJub.  "Legend has it that when a certain person owns a Fuzio, the bearer's luck throughout Neopia increases." They...

  • Increase your chances of encountering a "getting an item" Random Event.
  • Increase your chances of winning an item from one of the major dailies (Tombola, Coltzan's Shrine, etc.). 
  • Get these items: 


Fuzio Abilities
Fuzio Scream Attack: 90[1] Available from Level 1
Fuzio Tackle Attack: 20 [2] Available from Level 10
Fuzio Bomb Defuse No effect, but defuses an opponent's bomb before it could attack  Available from Level 20
Fuzio Tornado Spin Attack: 20 [3] 1 - 2000 [4] Available on the Faerie Festival only
Fuzio Earth Shield Defence: 100 [5] Available on the Faerie Festival only
Fuzio Plasma Eyes Blast Attack: OVER 9000!!! [6] Available on Fuzio Day only 

We are the Fuzios.

'We used to live in harmony and peace on the planet Sheen. One day Dr. Sloth came to Neopia and transformed everyone in to evil grundos.' Now we live in chaos and violence.

We only live to serve our master, the evil Dr. Sloth.

Slave origin comic

Plot 2 letter

Help me!! You're my last hope. I would have taken on Dr. Sloth but he has enslaved many beings of the Universe causing my powers to become drained. Adopt the slave pets! Rescue them from Dr. Sloth's control and you will renew my strength so that I may defeat him. Hurry, our time is running out. He is about to unleash his mighty Pet Vaporizor ray on Neopia!!! 

I am held prisoner in Dr. Sloth's Control Room. Quick, try to access it through the Virtulift. 

Remember owners, you must adopt the slave pets at the Space Station to set me free! The fate of Neopia rests on it. Click here to go to the Space Station! 

You must adopt 20,000 Grundos!!! I can only be free when they are adopted and saved from the evil Dr. Sloth! And he also kidnapped four of your precious Petpets, what a beautiful twist of fate. I could help you, I could deactivate the program, but considering the pain you have put me through, I simply do not think that would be fair. The deactivation code can be entered from a secret terminal somewhere within the station. There are four numerical codes to be found, and these must be entered in a certain order. Each of the four programmers who worked on the original Neopet v2 program know two of the codes each, and the other two codes are built into the program itself. If you succeed in turning off the program then the children will live. You have till midnight on Sunday to find the codes, or those poor children will run out of air and perish. I hope this has helped, good luck in your quest, I will be watching you every step of the way... Yours Sincerely, The Space Faerie PS. Heh heh heh... ok here's a clue... you won't be able to get any information from the first programmer, his mouth will be full of that vile purple vegetable that he craves so much.