Special Agent Peloso is an upcoming Cartoon Networkseries created by Nick Cannon.[1] Special Agent Peloso will hit the air on Summer 2013 with a six episode block. The program is rated TV-PG for suggestive humor. 

Main Character's name
Portrayed by in the Cartoon Network Version
Character Description
Special Agent Peloso
Chanelle Peloso The colorful special agent "teddy bear" who helps children perform tasks but can only make a card or clean their rooms; she is the main character of the series. She and her friends work for U.N.I.Q.U.E. (The United Network for the Investigation of Quite Unexpected Events).
Case Pilot Shauna Case Peloso's computerized assistant who guides Peloso through the "three special steps" he needs to accomplish his current mission. Her name is a reference to the Palm Pilot series of handheld computers.


Each episode is composed of four components:

  • The Three Special Steps are the steps that Case Pilot gives Peloso to follow when she is on her missions. Peloso has a matter of time to finish the three special steps. The third step is usually timed, but when the time runs out, the house Peloso is in will blow up.
  • The slopscotch training exercises are Peloso's training task. They are given by Wolfie or Dotty. Peloso usually fails on the first try, but in the course of completing the missions she remembers something about the training exercise, thanks to the person she is helping. She tries a second time and completes the training exercise, then earns a "Digi-Medal" (except Series 2).
  • Audience participation or interaction with Peloso. Sometimes, Peloso will ask the audience to help her find something hidden or missing on the screen. Other times, Peloso will ask the audience to try something physically demanding that she is doing.
  • The assignments are missions that Peloso is requested to complete by Case Pilot, in order to help a child in need. Peloso tries to complete the Three Special Steps that Case Pilot gives him. Then she earns a "Digi-Medal".